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  • Increasingly, manufacturers are moving to full conformal coating line solutions that combine coating, curing, and inspection capabilities with closed-loop process controls to meet demand and deliver consistent product reliability
  • In this revolutionary line layout, the lower compartment in each piece of equipment can include a curing or flash-off process
  • Solutions are designed to bring the right balance of equipment and process control for optimal conformal coating efficiency. Select the equipment and layout you need today, and scale with confidence as demand increases
  • In standard conformal coating lines, product is handled in the upper deck area of inline equipment – leaving empty, unused space in the lower deck. The revolutionary Panorama™ S-Line design repurposes the lower deck area to accommodate additional process
  • Single loading and unloading station

Benefits and key features

Unique design minimizes floor space use up to 40%

  • Integrating the process on two levels
  • A turn-key coating solution with single supplier support for the entire line 
  • Award winning support in your region 
  • Unique user interface for the complete line

Closed-loop controls, parameter limits, and inspection within the line

  • CE, UL, NFPA, and SEMI compliant
  • Industry 4.0 connected with NEXUS™ software


  • Traceability through logged process parameters

Evolving line : configurable and evolving

  • As Loading/Unloading is done at a single location Panorama™ S-Line design allows automatic or manual operations


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