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  • juin 14, 2019


Coating material commonly use 365nm UV tracer to enable automated and visual inspection of the conformal coating. Some material and especially FLUORINATED POLYMER are applied in very thin layers and tracers used can be photo illuminated only under 254nm UV-C wavelength source.


With a small thickness and a poor level of tracers, the inspection station required a high intensity UV light. However, using a UV-C source on a visual inspection equipment can seriously injured operators’ eyes. Also, the low amount of tracers required a low quantity of the visible light to enable enough contrast and therefor clearly see the coating on the PCBA.

EXELSIUS’ solution:

EXELSIUS solution was to modify its standard visual inspection equipment the XVIEW. The equipment is using 365nm LED as standard to control and inspect common coating material. In order to be able to see the FLUORINATED POLYMER (3M™ Novec™ 2704), some upgrades were required:

  • Integrate an UV-C 254nm source
  • Reduce to minimum the visible light inside the equipment
  • Avoid any UV-C light to escape from the XVIEW

In addition, inlet and outlet shutters were added to prevent any UV-C contact with the operator.

The tests performed with wet and dry conformal coating are positive and allowed any operator to inspect the board and clearly identify coating material on the board.

As a solution provider EXELSIUS has adapted and customized its standard equipment to meet specific customer requirement in order to fully satisfy their needs.


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