Convection or IR Drying


What is Convection or IR Drying ?

Convection or IR Drying is based on changing the state of the matter, else said a product applied as a liquid or a paste is to be solid after Convection or IR Drying.

A wide variety of resins, glues and coatings can be dried with Convection or IR technologies.

Inside a heating tunnel of the drying oven, the convection heaters or IR rays are drying the resins, glues or coatings and a dedicated ventilation system is managing the solvents flow.

EXELSIUS solutions: high performance –
low maintenance ovens

EXELSIUS proposes two series of products to fit with many different applications:
– XPC Series ovens for convection drying of resins or glues, up or down the SMT assembly,
– XCC Series ovens for IR drying of coatings

Maximize wettability and adhesion, and ease quality control on your coating lines

In order to leverage the quality and ROI of your coating lines, EXELSIUS recently developed two innovative products:
– Genius®, a 3D self-programmable and robust solution for selective surface activation by atmospheric pressure plasma,
– XVIEW, when AOI is not required, and direct operator visual control is not sufficient…


EXELSIUS already sold numerous XPC and XCC drying ovens to global leaders as well as high-end small size customers, especially for highly demanding applications in the Aerospace & defence, Automotive, Industrial and Medical sectors.