About us

Designer / Manufacturer + Partner / distributor
We are hybrid

Since 1990, we have been designing, manufacturing, and servicing world-class equipment for the PCBA industry. Meanwhile, we have been developing as a long-term partner/ distributor for leading brands in coating, dispensing, and automated inspection.

This hybrid expertise enables our multidisciplinary teams to help our customers improve their process, implement the innovations they need, and get the quality and ROI they demand, be it through simple equipment supply or complete turnkey solutions integrating Industry 4.0 requirements.

Industrial skills
Start-up thinking

With more than 25 years of field experience, 3 000 equipments installed in 30 countries, our R&D, engineering, and service teams know what it takes for our customers to operate 24/7. Our customers’ loyalty speaks for the robustness of our solutions and the dependability of our service.

We love challenges and constantly strive to meet and exceed our customers ’goals. Much alike practices and methods of the new economy, we boost our innovations based on a fruitful combination of nonconventional ideas and continuous learning from field experience, by iterations.

We are passionnate
and committed

The electronics industry and its rapid evolution is at the heart of billions of people’s lives, from the simplest to the most complex objects, and we are excited about these changes. In cooperation with market leaders and world-class research centers we are deeply involved in advanced projects aiming to anticipate market needs and come up with innovative responses, using proprietary equipment, our partners ‘equipment, or a combination of both.

And when it comes to implementing our solutions in the field, our teams pride themselves with customer recognition for their daily responsiveness, dedication and endurance to meet quality and ROI expectations.