Our Services

You are eXelsius thermal  equipment and Surface Activation users, you are Nordson ASYMTEK Conformal Coating or Dispensing equipment users and you are always looking to improve your performance to remain competitive. eXelsius is much more than a simple equipment supplier and can support you to reach Excellence through a wide range of services.



Process Services

Even before your eXelsius system is installed, and every day after it is in operation, our support & applications team members are there to help to ensure your manufacturing line gets up to speed and stays running at peak efficiency without interruption. We help to integrate eXelsius systems into your facility and streamline your assembly process with:

Additional process and product assistance

Application & support

Application laboratory

In addition to basic installation and training for employees, we can help you get all of your productions set up transferred, programmed, optimized and running on your new system. Often overlooked and under estimated, this additional assistance can speed up your implementation process substantially and your industrial targeted achievements.

eXelsius provides the support you want, no matter how complex your needs might be – everything from preparing job data, selecting the equipment, programming for new products and supply of consumables.

eXelsius welcomes you in its new process applications lab in south of France. Staffed by expert process engineers, the lab boast a complete conformal coating line, including Surface Activation, selective conformal coating and dispensing, UV Curing and/or convection drying. This lab, near Nice, is available for demonstration and process development work or small batches production.




At eXelsius our field service professionals are dedicated to help you to keep your operating costs down, in relation with your needs. Whenever you need support for regularly scheduled preventative maintenance, making repairs or refurbishing machines, local service engineers are right there for you.

Our equipment services are extensive, and can be divided into these areas:

  • Technical Hardware and Software Support
  • Web base Assistance
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Spare Parts Support
  • Installation & Upgrade
  • Refurbish Support and occasionally Rental of Equipment


and training

We know how powerful and productive your staff can be when he has the training to combine his creativity with the functions and technology of the equipment. From beginners to more advanced levels, for machine operators, programmers and service engineers, we can put the right training methods to work for you. We offer specialized support in the following ways:

  • Knowledge review and planning
  • Basic training
  • Expert training
  • Customized training

With training at our facilities (eXelsius or Partners locations), or on-site in yours, we provide a wide variety of training programs. Each program combines theoretical applications with real world, hands-on practical training. Each training program is geared to address the precise level of experience and knowledge for your employees.


eXelsius Audit for Optimization

We perform an audit that measures the efficiency of your production by taking a closer look at factors such as line operation, lean manufacturing, SMED procedure, new technologies, operator skills, resources and workflow. As a partner in your process improvement, we assist you all the way from the initial reviews to carrying out selected actions. Our entire focus is on helping you to pinpoint and eliminate any bottlenecks in your operation and unleash your true productivity.