XUV Series Polymerization Ovens

Reliable ovens with accurate and patented process control system

Industrial equipment with integrated process solution for UV curing, designed for integration in line, matches requirement for low to high volume production compatible with a wide range of existing product.

eXelsius proposes a range of equipment following 2 technologies :

– Technology, medium pressure arc lamp (UV module, designed by eXelsius in conformity with coating applications)
A technology :
  • Medium pressure arc lamp, with drivable and adjustable power
  • Optimized coast of ownership (Reduced power consumption and air extraction)
  • Dynamic UV curing


A choice of modules:

  • Standard (to respond to a greater flexibility for sub-contractor)
  • Short lamp (to reduce the cost of ownership– electrical consumption and air extraction)
  • High intensity (for specific applications, when a higher intensity –mW/cm²- is required)

A choice of UV lamp

  • Mercury lamp (standard)
  • Iron / gallium / mercury with synthetic glass doped lamp to respond to various chemistry requesting a different spectra as a standard mercury lamp.


– UV Technology, LED module
A technology :
  • UV-A LED module, air-cooled
  • Drivable and adjustable power
  • Minimized cost of ownership (reduced electrical consumption / miner air extraction)


A choice of LED modules:

  • Strip LED module / dynamic curing
  • Juxtaposable square LED modules / static curing, batch production


A choice of wavelenth

  • UV-A 365 nm or 395 nm
  • 385 nm or 405 nm available on demand


1 reason to use XUV Series Polymerisation Ovens

A patented process control :

  • Process parameters are sufficient, intensity (mW/cm²) & dose (mJ/cm²) with the combination of a UV measuring device, an algorithm and eXelsius know-how, enable to drive and adjust in real time the LED module power to grand the required UV-A insulation all along the UV module’s lifetime.
  • This solution provides the required information for traceability with the possibility to save the intensity (mW/cm²) and dose (mJ/cm²) with timestamp and other parameters if necessary of the equipment and/or product/line.


Products range and options

A wide range of available options to respond to your need

  • TOP UV LED module, TOP & BOTTOM LED modules
  • Minimized foot print
  • Left to Right flow direction (standard), Right to Left, dual lane (same direction, opposite direction)
  • Traceability, in function of your specifications

  • XUV LED Datasheet July 2016 Download PDF
  • XUV Datasheet November 2015 Download PDF