XRC Series Reflow Ovens

Ovens recognized by their reliability, thermal profile repeatability and reduced maintenance.

The XRC Series reflow ovens range allows to perform the most complicated thermal profiles to fulfil the leadfree process requirements.

To offer the best equipment to the reflow process of the SMT lines, eXelsius proposes a range of Reflow ovens reflecting the state of the art as follows:

THERMAL TRANSFER   ↔ Atmosphere reflow on 4 sites to the reduce the « crossflow»

COOLING EFFICIENCY  ↔ 2 or 3 cooling zones and top/bottom with accurate speed control

TRAP FLOW ↔ 1 to 5 condensers depending on the model and the set up

PRODUCTIVITY ↔ the longest heating zones for increasing productivity and flexibility

OPERATION COSTS ↔ Reduced energy consumption / Easy Maintenance / Very low Azote consumption / no Consumables …

4 good reasons to use XRC Series Reflow ovens

  • BETTER TEMPERATURE HOMOGENEITY Reduction of Crossflow and Thermal transfer improved
  • BETTER COOLING EFFICIENCY Multi zones Cooling to adjust the slopes following the JEDEC Standards
  • PERFORMING TRAP FLOW SYSTEM Severals condensation levels with easy access to reduce the cost of maintenance.
  • HIGHER HEATING LENGHT Increase of the productivity and reduce the stress on PCBs during the treatment


Product et options

The XRC Series Reflow Ovens includes 5 different equipment: XRC6, 7, 8, 10 et 12 with a heating zone number top and bottom from 6 to 12 and 2 to 3 Cooling zones Top and Bottom.

  • XRC-8-10-12 series Reflow Ovens Download PDF
  • XRC-6-7-8 series Reflow Ovens Download PDF