Genius® Selective Surface Activation


The cutting edge Surface Activation Series by eXelsius®

Genius® is the first world class equipment of eXelsius® Activation Surface Series, which final design is the association of embedded intelligence, intuitive programing, innovative technology, electronic cards self-reliant 3D management, and factory network linkable.


The Genius® series offers the electronic conformal coating/dispensing world new integrated and intelligent industrial equipments for improving :

–          The wettability of the product’s surface to be coated

–          The adhesion of the polymerized protective coating on the product’s surface


6 reasons to use Genius® ?

Genius® was designed in an innovative approach to reach the following targets:

  • Reliability increase the lifetime of your products. Improved production, for inline or standalone equipment, respecting the throughput of the full line ;
  • Ecofriendly production low power consumption, low extraction without filtration ;
  • Reduced non quality costs repeatable surface tension increase (above mini threshold) and activation rate (Van der Waals interactions) for less scrap ;
  • Reduced operating costs less manual rework and increased production line throughput ;
  • Secure your process, your principals, your employees and the standards’ compliance ;
  • Develop your business, your know-how and your ability to offer new projects with a raising owned feasibility skills.


Genius® embeds an Atmospheric Pressure Plasma technology from Acxys Technologies®


Products range and options

Genius® includes already a large range of basic equipment and propose optional hardware equipment like Heavy Duty Conveyor, Right to left conveyor direction, camera as well as software and services options.