UV Polymerization

Ultra-Violet (UV) several polymerization solutions, with an cutting edge process control system


What is UV polymerization?

UV curing is based changing the state of matter, else said a liquid or a paste product that is applied is to be solid after UV insulation.

Therefore, several chemistry are available on the market, requiring various UV wavelength, either over a spectra of UV-A to UV-C, we are then talking about “UV lamp”, or either a specific UV wavelength, we are then talking about a LED source (UV-A)

In a more generic manner, moisture cure agents are added to grand curing in shadow areas and obtain a homogenous end-product.


Why UV polymerization?

The UV Polymerization after conformal coating or dispensing allows shorter cycle times compared to IR Drying classical solutions and then requires minimized foot print. The environmental impact is reduced due to the non use of solvent based varnishes. Consequently the polymerization line doesn ‘t need solvent treatment and finally the energical impact is reduced too.


Industrial applications

eXelsius already sold numerous equipment of XUV Series for automotive and industrial sectors to the main tiers 1 suppliers like Continental, Jabil, Hella.

It is also possible in special cases to improve the adhesion of the varnishes after UV polymerization, by adding a Selective Surface Activation Genius from eXelsius.

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