Genius®, Selective Surface activation & Atmospheric Pressure Plasma


An innovative and reliable technology, for cost efficient and awaited quality output of the electronics production lines.

What is Selective Surface Activation?

The Selective Surface Activation technology consists in.selecting the surfaces to be activated through the intuitive programming of the Genius machine in order to bring our Embedded Atmospheric Pressure Plasma system in the surface to be activated with the defined parameters that ensure a minimum activation rate will be achieved and with a very short process time.


Why use Atmospheric Pressure Plasma?

Atmospheric Pressure Plasma technology improves the surface energy by adding in extreme surface (few nanometers) an important quantity of polar chemical functions. These polar functions will develop numerous Van Der Waals interactions with the activated material to improve its wettability and increase the adhesion of the coating (conformal coating and or dispensing) and after the process of Polymerization (UV ovens polymerization) or Drying (Convection or Infrared).

The Atmospheric Pressure Plasma is blown. Thus it allows to add in extreme surface chemical functions electrically neutral, which avoid any ESD phenomenon. This Plasma technology also allows selective treatment, consistently with fastest cycle times and selected coating zones.

Industrial application 

The potential range of applications using Atmospheric Pressure plasma technology is large. Already established in many areas of industry like automotive, aerospace, packaging, life science, energy, microtechnic and textile. Today, there are already groundbreaking successes in protective coating of solar cells, the development of fuel cells, and innovative lightweight construction with carbon fiber

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